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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (about submitting a model to Creased)

What if my design is available on my website or published on another website?
The design would not be accepted for print in the magazine- it should be unpublished.

Should my diagram be 8.5½” x 11”?
No, diagrams will be re-diagrammed to conform to the style and content of the magazine.

What if my design was published in a foreign publication or what if it was published a long time ago?
It should be new and unpublished and would not be accepted in the magazine for print. Note: if the publication was not widely circulated, we might be able to consider reviewing the model, but our aim with Creased is to publish models that people haven’t seen published before. There is a possibility that we might be able to include an already published model in our bonus section in the members area, but this would be considered on a case by case basis.

What if I have a new folding sequence for a previously published model?
If you have developed the sequence independently of the original model and the sequence is substantially different, you may submit your diagram along with a letter from the original model designer giving you explicit permission to publish such diagrams of his/her model.

What format should my diagram be in?
We prefer to have vector illustrations to make it easy to re-diagram but your diagram can be submitted in any of these various formats: Adobe Illustrator, EPS, FreeHand, CorelDraw, Inkscape. Other rasterized or condensed formats like JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BIT and PDF are not really ideal.Do submit it, if it’s the only type you have. Hand drawn or photo diagrams are not preferred but submit them if its the only type you have and we will consider them on a case by case basis.

Can I submit my diagram by mail?
No, all diagrams should be emailed. Creased will not not be responsible for models and diagrams that are mailed in.

Does that mean I can't submit picture or hand drawn diagrams at all?
Because we have to re-diagram all of the models, we would like the submissions in digital format preferably in vector editable form so we only need to make stylistic updates to it. Having to diagram an entire model from scratch without any existing vector art takes a lot of time and effort. But if hand drawn or pictures are all that you have, emailed us first with a photo of the model to discuss it first before submitting. Feel free to send your questions about diagram formats to

Can I submit my diagram by mail?
No, all diagrams should be emailed. Creased will not not be responsible for models and diagrams that are mailed in.

Is there a limit to the number of models I can submit?
No, but keep in mind that each issue will feature 12 new models and we try to represent as many designers and contributors as possible.

May I submit models with multiple variations?
Yes, you may but variations are considered one model and usually only one variation will be published in the magazine. It is possible that pictures or diagrams of other variations may be put on the website as a bonus feature for subscribers.

What do I get if my model is selected?
Once your model has been selected by the content editor, you will receive a designer's contract for your model, which must be signed and returned within two weeks. Once all the paperwork is in order we will notify you when we expect the model to be published, but please note that the projected date/issue is not final and can be changed at any moment by Creased. Upon publication of your model, as compensation, you have the option of either receiving a small honorarium or a one year subscription to the magazine.

How long until my model is published?
It could take up to one year from the date that it is accepted. We will try our best to let you know when it will be published but the date and issue maybe be changed at any time by Creased, Inc.

If my model is accepted, can I have my version/diagram - the version of the diagram I submitted - of it published elsewhere or put it on my website?

No, the contract you sign with Creased, once your model is accepted, gives us exclusive rights to your design for one year and there for you can not publish it anywhere else. If you have further questions regarding this matter please feel free to email us

Can I use your diagram (the re-diagrammed model in the magazine) of my model in another publication or post it to my website?
No. All diagrams published in the magazine are property of Creased, Inc. To use the published re-diagram of your model, you must obtain express written permission from Creased, Inc. To inquire about obtaining such permission, please contact us at

What if I don’t have a diagram for my model yet?
We ask that you develop a folding process and diagram the model before you submit it for consideration for the magazine.

What happens to my diagram if it’s not accepted?
You will be notified and we won’t be retaining a copy of your diagram.

Can I resubmit my diagram if I make improvements?
Yes, you are welcome to resubmit diagrams if they have been changed and are different from the previous one not accepted.

Can I submit a diagram for someone else?
No, it must be a design of the submitter.

What if I’m not sure my model is original?
The Creased staff will be checking each model for originality and previous publication, but if you think it might not be original, you should do some initial research on your own before submitting a design.

What if my model is based on someone else’s model?
A model design based upon someone else’s design is considered a derivative and can be published only with the express written consent of the creator of the original model who must be credited.

What if I have a complex or super-complex model?
The magazine is more geared towards simple to high intermediate models but we might print some complex models in the future for special issues or post them on our website.

Can I send in a crease pattern for an intermediate model?

Yes, we accept crease patterns for all levels of models.

What is a Crease Pattern?
Crease Patterns are the fold lines that are in the paper when you unfold a model. It is a recent trend in the Paper Folding community to use this as a method of diagramming complex models or models that are difficult to diagram in sequential steps.

Will you be making changes to my diagram and why can’t you use my original diagram?
We will try our best to try to maintain the integrity of your design but please know that we will need to make stylistic changes (lines, arrows, shading, color) to adapt to the format of the magazine. By signing the contract once your model is accepted, you will be giving us permission to re-diagram your design.

Why do you have to re-diagram my model?
We know how difficult it is to diagram a model and how each designer develops his/her style over time. We are not making changes to your design when we re-diagram. We need to reformat the diagrams to fit the style of the magazine. It doesn't mean that we will completely change your creation, we just want to make sure that the magazine has a consistent style throughout (arrows, fold lines, notations, colors, shading). Some origami publications do this without telling you, so we just wanted to do this upfront, so you will know that we might be modifying your diagram to be in line with the feel of the magazine.

Can you tell me more about Copyright and Origami?
Copyright and Origami has been a very sensitive and hot topic recently. There are a lot of opinions and rules to follow. We will be putting up a separate page shortly about Origami Copyright on our site so check back soon to read all about it. We need to identify specifically where this information can be found. If we're using info from Joseph all the Canadianisms and spellings should be changed. Not sure if Robert's is in American or Canadian English.

Are there any deadlines for diagram submissions?
Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. We are always considering models for future issues so you can submit designs at any time.

For any other questions please feel to email us at