Welcome to the Sixth issue of our newsletter PRECREASED where we share the latest news from CREASEDMagazine for Paper Folders - dedicated to spreading and sharing the joy of Origami.
5 Dollar Polar Bear by Juston Hairgrove

RENEWALS – Yes, there will be a second year of CREASED! We’ll be sending information about renewing for those whose subscriptions end with Issue 6. We hope you all join us for a second year!

WEBSITE – Over the next few months, we will be rebuilding our website. To start, we’re adding more links. If you haven’t investigated it yet, take a moment to click on the link to, the project started by Makoto Yamaguchi to help the children orphaned by the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan earlier this year. There are ebay auctions of folded artworks from masters every day for World Origami Days.

UPCOMING MODELS! - We have a great mix of models for this issue of CREASED! We have models from returning contributors – a clever sticky note model by Gay Merrill Gross, a Polar Bear moneyfold by Juston Hairgrove, a lovely Orchid Paperclip model by Jannie van Schuylenburg, and a modular wreath by Huy Voun Lee! As always, you can check the online gallery at see previews of the models. Check back often as we’ll be adding photos every week.

BONUS MODELS - The flipbook of Bonus Models for CREASED Issue 5 is live online. You’ll find diagrams for both Juston Hairgrove’s Jack-O-Lantern and Paul Frasco’s Sofa. Remember that you can view all past Bonus flipbooks for the duration of your subscription.

Note about Digital Access: All Creased subscriptions run for 6 bi-monthly issues. If you have a subscription (not including Educator subscriptions that don’t include digital access) that runs from Issue 1 through Issue 6, your digital access to Creased will end on January 31, 2012.

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PHOTO CONTEST - Congratulaitons to all the CREASED Photo Contest winners! You can see the photos in your magazine or in our Photo Corner.

WORLD ORIGAMI DAYS - (October 24- November 11) You still have time to help spread the joy of folding! Find out more by visiting the OrigamiUSA website.

- We are sold out of copies of Issue 2. We have a very limited number of copies of Issue 3.

PAPER – Check the website for deals on some of our larger papers. We have a small supply of all our POP selections. We have the 3-inch Detachable Patterns booklets back in stock.

EDUCATOR'S SUBSCRIPTIONS – Why not start out the New Year by gifting your local school or library with a CREASED Educator subscription! We are keeping the price at $29.99 for this domestic only offer. We want to thank all of you have gifted subscriptions so far this year. Click here for more information!

Sneak peek of models from Issue 6 of CREASED Magazine.
Orchid Paperclip by Jannie van Schuylenburg
OMG Bowl by Wenhau Chao
Yunas Wreath by Huy Voun Lee
Orchid Paper Clip by Jannie van Schuylenburg, OMG Bowl by Wenhau Chao, Yuna's Wreath by Huy Voun Lee.