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lang dragonfly

SUBSCRIPTIONS - Special Notice: All Subscriptions to CREASED will run from Issue 1 through Issue 6, so no matter when you subscribe, you will receive a complete set of the magazine.

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TEACHERS’ CORNER – If you haven’t yet, do check out the downloadable Lesson Plans prepared by our editors, Shrikant Iyer and Rachel Katz. The Lesson Plans, accompanying diagrams for Traditional models, and a separate section on Origami bases are all available to subscribers, as well as non-subscribers.

UPCOMING MODELS! - UPCOMING MODELS! We’re excited about the models we’ll be featuring in Issue 3 – all previously unpublished diagrams. Creators in Issue 3 include some newcomers to CREASED – Tetsuya Gotani from France, Maria Sinayskaya from South Africa, and Pasquale D’Auria from Italy. We also have models from previous contributors Gay Merrill Gross, Talo Kawasaki, Tamara Read, and a Crease Pattern from Robert J. Lang.

BONUS MODELS - If you haven’t yet checked it out, the Bonus Materials feature the models by our runners up in the Easy Dozen Design Challenge! You’ll also find a Robin by John Montroll and a Hexagonal Flasher Top by Chris Palmer and other features.

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PHOTO CORNER - We're looking for Origami group photos! If you’re a member of a local folding group or teach a group, we’d love to see what you’re folding and use them for the Photo Bulletin Board in the magazine or online. This coming issue we have great shots of groups from Tucson, Philadelphia, and Munich.

CONVENTION PHOTOS - If you’ve attended any conventions, share your photos. In Issue 3 we’ll have shots from the conference in the Netherlands.

CREASED FOLDERS - Also send in your photos of youself with the CREASED models you’ve folded.

You can send all high resolution photos to!

MORE NEW ITEMS COMING SOON! - We are slowly adding paper to the CREASED online store. Mostly we’ll be carrying POP and related papers. Our first POP has sold out in its Double Market Pack packaging. If you’re interested, you can purchase two packs of Series 1 of the Korean Duo Patterned paper and get the same array and amount of paper as the Market Pack. We’ll soon have a few selections of unusual papers to add to our store.
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Sneak peek of models from ISSUE NO.3 of CREASED Magazine.
Dollar Cat by Lee Jae Gu
Home is where the Heart is Tricia Tait
Be Cool Elephant Letterfold
Magazine Vase by Pasquale D'Auria, Scolli Pig by Sok Song, Caramel Kusadama by Maria Sinayskaya