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Duo-Coloured Heart, Francis Ow

Duo-Coloured Heart, Francis Ow


We are very excited to bring you 12 unpublished designs from an international roster of creators - Lorne Dannenbaum, Seth Friedman, Gay Merrill Gross, Talo Kawasaki, Laura Kruskal, Michael G. LaFosse, Robert Lang, In Kyung Lee (Whitepaper), Francis Ow, Elsje van der Ploeg, Won Seon Seo (Redpaper), and Sok Song. Issue 1 will contain 3 Simple models, 2 Low Intermediate models, 2 Intermediate models, 3 High Intermediate models, a Modular, a Complex Crease Pattern, and 2 traditional models for the Teacher’s Corner. We have an introduction to crease patterns by Seth Friedman, our Crease Pattern Editor. The Subscriber’s Area of will include bonus models by Paulo Bascetta and Eljse van der Ploeg.

Future issues will feature wonderful models designed by both familiar and new creators from around the world. We have commitments from Lee Jae Gu of South Korea, Paula Versnick of the Netherlands, Michel Grand of France, and Bruno Ferraz of Brazil. We’ll be having bonus models online from both John Montroll and Chris Palmer of the US.