Creased - Magazine for Paperfolders - Origami - Gallery Issue 1
Gallery preview images are updated weekly - Check back often to see what models will be in Issue One!

OMG Wallet by Lorne Dannenbaun

Big Oblique Center Lock Letterfold by Elsje van der Ploeg
Giraffe by Robert Lang

OMG Wallet
Lorne Dannenbaum (USA)

Oblique Center Lock Letterfold
Elsje van der Ploeg (Netherlands)

Robert Lang (USA)

Tulip and Stem by In Kyung Lee
Dutch Rabbit by Seth Friedman
Duo-Coloured Hearts by Francis Ow

Tulip and Stem
In Kyung Lee (South Korea)

Dutch Rabbit
Seth Friedman (USA)

Duo-Coloured Hearts
Francis Ow (Singapore)

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