Gallery Exhibiton at
Kinokuniya Book Store in NYC
Creased, Inc., is proud to present an exhibition of Origami masterworks that highlight the evolution of Origami from a craft/hobby to a recognized art form.

Origami as Art features artists from around the world that challenge conventional images of origami by pushing the boundaries of technique and design.


Richard Alexander, Mike Assis, Tom Crain, Erik Demaine, Giang Dinh, Martin Demaine, Xin Can (Ryan) Dong, Paul Frasco, Seth Friedman, Eric Gjerde, Faye Goldman, Hoang Tien Quyet, Paul Jackson, Beth Johnson, Ros Joyce, Dr. Peter Keller, Satoshi Kamiya, Talo Kawasaki, Hideo Komatsu, Ralf Konrad, Jason Ku, Michael LaFosse, Robert Lang, Lee In Kyung (whitepaper), Hung Cuong Nguyen, Uyen Nguyen, Jorge Pardo, Won Park, Bernie Peyton, Adrienne Sack, Seo Won Seon (redpaper), Daniel Schnorbus, Robin Scholz, Kailey Shara, Matt Shlian, Sok Song, Max Steiner, Saadya Sternberg, Ioana Stoian, Richard Sweeney, John Szinger, Hieu Tran Trung, and Makoto Yamaguchi

Archived pieces from: Neal Elias, Vincent Floderer,
Eric Joisel, Florence Temko, and Akira Yoshizawa

Artists featured in the store retail window design:
Paul Frasco, Faye Goldman, Uyen Nguyen, Bernie Peyton, Sok Rin Song.

Special Thanks to Wesley Damgo, Judy Hall, Jennifer Hou, Vanessa Gould, Huy Voun Lee,
Andreea Mimcheck, Marcio Noguchi, Jen Tashman, Linda Yau, and Jill Wendorff!

Exhibition Location:
Kinokuniya Book Store
1073 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10018

Opening: Friday, June 21, 2013 - 4PM
Closing: Friday, July 12, 2013

Curators: Sok Song and Paul Frasco

This exhibition is endorsed by OrigamiUSA.
Some of the pieces on exhibit are on loan from the OUSA archives collection.